Snowflake Nail Stickers
Snowflake Nail Stickers

Snowflake Nail Stickers

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Includes 84 stickers per sheet. Best for short-long nails.

Available in over 50 colors! Choose your color from the drop down menu. Color shown is Silver Sparkle Holo 

These are self adhesive nail stickers made with premium, high quality vinyl. We take the time to source our vinyl from the best vendors in the industry.

Why You Should Choose Nail Printz:
We offer some of the LARGEST sized sheets of nail decals available on the market. Our sheet contains over 80 stickers, giving you more bang for your buck! If you use 2-3 stickers per nail and charge $3-$5 per nail, you stand to make anywhere from $82- $135 off of an $6 investment. Thats more than a 10x return! We help you achieve flawless nail applications, and you don't even have to be a great artist!


Please not that you’re sheets will arrive unweeded with the top layer still attached.